ROMACKcrane is the extended arm of companies who want to get things moving: Our customers not only invest in a piece of equipment and services, but they look for solutions they can depend upon.
We are as specialised as the needs of our customers.

Our customers are companies demanding world-wild standards and high quality products to use them in industries such as Automotive, Crane Manufacturing, Machinery, Mining and Cement, Oil and Gas, Power and Water, Rail and Wagon, Ship Manufacturing, Steel and Metal, etc.

These customers always choose ROMACKcrane because they know we are more than just a supplier: they know we are a partner who understands their needs and who offers them help and advice; with specialised services and individual solutions that guarantee and strengthen their competitive edge.

You can view some of our customers in the bellow list:

1 Power And Water
2 Steel Industry
3 Oil And Gas
4 Rail And Wagon
5 Automotive
6 Mining And Cement
7 Machinery
8 Ship Manufacturer
9 Crane Manufacturer
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