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In ROMACKcrane, we have 4 crane professional installation teams, with skilled site engineers and workers for each team. All of our site teams have been fully trained.


We appointed professional safety supervisor to each installation team, our safety supervisors have been passed engineering safety examination and got safety qualification letters issued by Beijing Municipal Construction Bureau. We arranged total supervision programs for all site workings by our safety supervisors.



We, ROMACKcrane, have so many of cranes installation experience for any of worst site conditions, our teams created more and more safety and successful installation for all of clients.


There will be no any flame cutting and welding at site during our World-leading cranes installation. Reliability lifting belts will be serviced for any lifting, cranes surface will be really protected by soft belts. Our bolts connection design has renovated site job, flame cutting and welding will be replaced by toque spanner in our teams.


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