Runway Rails

ROMACKcrane offers all the products required for the installation of crane rails. Besides clips and pad we offer advice on design and installation. We are then able to supply rail and all other materials as well as a full service to support all stages of the installation process. This can go right through to care and maintenance phases.

We can supply the right rail and related equipment for the job.

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Crane rail pads are designed to allow the rail to move and rotate by small amounts. When rails are on pad - called soft mounting - this helps to ensure a more even stress distribution between the crane wheel and rail and also between the rail and the surface on which it is fixed. ROMACKcrane sells pads provided by Gantrail and SM-Schienentechnik.

Product Type Data File
Crane Rail Pads Mark II (Gantrail)Datasheet
Crane Rail Pads Mark VII (Gantrail)Datasheet
Crane Rail Pads I-IT (SM-Schienentechnik)Datasheet
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